Working With BSC


Business Solutions Consulting, LLC
3399 Peachtree Road, NE
Buckhead Towers Building, Ste 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30326

Office: (404) 937-3800
Fax: (404) 745-0222

If you are the right fit for BSC and BSC is the right fit for you then...

  1. You are looked to as someone who is professional.
  2. You are a positive person, even a motivator at times, and able to remain positive even in "challenging” times.
  3. You possess the skills, knowledge, and visibility to be successful in the face of the client as a representative of BSC.
  4. You have a positive attitude, willingness to get things done, and will go the extra mile to ensure the client is satisfied and BSC is well represented.
  5. You believe in sharpening your skills, developing your mindset, and learning more in order to do more and do it better.
  6. You are committed to excellence and will not settle for less.

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